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Monday, 20 May 2013

Engineering(Computer/IT) Ebooks

In this section we will post diffrent Engineering(computer/IT)Ebooks.Due to problems we are only Give the Direct Download links only.
If you can want any Ebooks links,Just comment it.We will try maximum to upload your request.please
Sure that you can only request Computer/IT books.
Follow this format when you requesting ebooks:              
Subject(like datastrure,Data communication etc) :
Name of book(also give author with name of book):

(1)The intel Microprocessor 8086 to pentium:Architecture,programming and Interface by
     Brey B.B
 Download link:
Embedded System:
(1)Embeded system design:A unified hardware/software introduction by Frank vahid and tony.
Download link: (all Lecture Slides,References)

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