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Saturday, 15 June 2013

How to add Blogg Post to Twitter Automatically

Every Blogger has a dream to become a Sucessful blogger.For a Sucessful Blogger,He need Some quality Page rank and Back links.How it achieve?Social sites play a vital role in this.So we need post  updates to facebook,twitter etc.How to add to Facebook?          Add blogg updates to facebook.
             In this Tutorial i provide some Step for automatically add your blog post to twitter.Did you have a FeedBurner url using your blogg? If No, no problem.i will give steps.
Follow these steps:

1.Login to your  Blogger Account
2.Go to your feedburner account.If No goto Layout-->add a gadget-->                          take Follow my email-->
here you can get a FeedBurner url-->This is ur FeedBurner url.
3.Go to  Here you can get ur Feeds like this

4.Click Publicize tab & go left side.You can see like
5.Click Socialize can see like this
6.Click Add a Twitter account.Fill ur datas in it.window like this

7.Click save .You Done it.

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