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Monday, 8 July 2013

Horizontal Drop Down Menu For your Blog

Horizontal Drop Down menu Gives a better navigation to your blog.Every Blogger need a simple but highly efficient Drop Down menu using pure HTML and CSS code.
Today i explain about How to add  highly efficient Horizontal Drop Down menu using pure HTML and CSS code.
Follow My Steps:
1. Login toblogger account.
2.Go to Layout Tab ->Add a Gadget option ->Take Html/Javascript ->paste below code. 
 Code for Horizontal Drop Down menu:
 <ul id="vin">
      <li><a href='#'>Home</a> </li>
     <li> <a href='#'>About us</a></li>
     <li> <a href=''>Contact us</a></li>
     <li><a href='#'>Ebooks</a>         
            <li><a href='#'>CSE</a></li>              
            <li><a href='#'>ECE</a></li>           
     <li><a href='#'>project</a>   
            <li><a href='#'>project1</a></li>  
            <li><a href='#'>project2</a></li>            
            <li><a href='#'>project3</a></li>           
     <li><a href='#'>language</a>        
              <li><a href='#'>c#.Net</a></li>   
   <li><a href='#'>Tutorials</a> </li>   
#vin,#vin ul    
  list-style: none;
 float: left;
#vin > li
 float: left;
#vin li a
    display: block;
     height: 2em;
     line-height: 2em;
     padding: 0 1.5em;
     text-decoration: none;
#vin ul
 position: absolute;
 display: none;
 z-index: 999;
 #vin ul li a    
    width: 80px;
  #vin li:hover ul
    display: block;

View Demo:

Or you can add ur own image in url section... 

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Add Sitemaps To Search Engine For Better SEO

For a better SEO i already Explained about How to Create a Alt tag of Image For Better SEO,
How to Add Blogg Posts to Facebook Page Automatically, How to add Blogg Post to Twitter Automatically Today i will Explain About how to add blogg/site to various search engine and add sitemap of that site.

searchengine 1

Add your Blogg/Site to various Search Engine will increase the chance to index that site.
later adding Sitemap of that Site increases the visibility in Search Engines.For better SEO ,
we must add Blogg/Site to Search Engines.How to add? No problem.Follow my steps.
          Today most of Bloggers love Google as a Search Engine.But i also explained about bing,yahoo search Engine in my Steps.

How to add Site maps to Google?

1.Go to Google Webmaster account can get a window like

 Home.Get a add a site option in left and add your site url.
add a site

4.ok.Added your site to Google search Engine.
5.Then Click the Site name appear in that page.
site name can get ur site Dashboard window like
webmaster optimization

 Optimization can get sitemap on that.add ur sitemap.
site sitmaps

8.For adding sitemap you can use like that
     ur site url/rss.xml
     ur site url/atom.xml?redirect=false&amp;start-index=1&amp;max-results=500
     ur site url//feeds/comments/default
9.Sucess!! completed ur work. ur site is indexed by Google.

How to add Site maps to Bing,yahoo?

1.For adding Bing,yahoo you need a microsoft account.create a account
2.login to webmaster
3.add sitemaps. can use like that
   ur site url/rss.xml
   ur site url/atom.xml?redirect=false&amp;start-index=1&amp;max-results=500
   ur site url//feeds/comments/default
5.Sucess!!ur site is indexed by yahoo,Bing.

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Saturday, 15 June 2013

How to Create a Alt tag of Image For Better SEO

Increasing Traffic,page rank,Search engine indexing are the major aims of a New Blogger.How it achieve? Lot of Suggestions are here.One of the efficient and Simple trick is creating Title name,Alt tag of images when you upload For a  new post. Follow these Simple Steps for doing that.

1.Go to Blogger
2.Upload a image for a new post. on that can see like this
image1 properties.

5.Type Tiltle,alt.


3.Take HTML view after image can see like that.
   (Note:when you upload image url is different.)

<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
<a href="" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img border="0" height="320" src="" width="289" /></a></d
Change to:

<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">

<a href="" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img title="feed" alt="rssfeed" border="0" height="320" src="" width="289" /></a></div>




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How to add Blogg Post to Twitter Automatically

Every Blogger has a dream to become a Sucessful blogger.For a Sucessful Blogger,He need Some quality Page rank and Back links.How it achieve?Social sites play a vital role in this.So we need post  updates to facebook,twitter etc.How to add to Facebook?          Add blogg updates to facebook.
             In this Tutorial i provide some Step for automatically add your blog post to twitter.Did you have a FeedBurner url using your blogg? If No, no problem.i will give steps.
Follow these steps:

1.Login to your  Blogger Account
2.Go to your feedburner account.If No goto Layout-->add a gadget-->                          take Follow my email-->
here you can get a FeedBurner url-->This is ur FeedBurner url.
3.Go to  Here you can get ur Feeds like this

4.Click Publicize tab & go left side.You can see like
5.Click Socialize can see like this
6.Click Add a Twitter account.Fill ur datas in it.window like this

7.Click save .You Done it.

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Friday, 14 June 2013

How to Add Blogg Posts to Facebook Page Automatically

Are you a Blogger or Site owner?Ambition of every site owner is increasing their Site Traffic and unique Visitors .In this, Social sites like facebook,twitter play a vital role.
    I provide some steps below for adding blogg/site updates to your facebookpage automatically.Next time when you go to Facebook page after posting content ,you can see your Topic Link in that Page.It will Increase your Traffic,Visitors number.

Follow these steps:
1.Login your facebook page.
2.Using search Box,Search rssgraffiti. can see like this

4.Click create publish plan. can see window like this

6.Click Add New.
7.Then a window appear like


8.Enter url of your Blog Feed.Click Add Source.
9.Then you get a Detail page like

10.Complete TextBoxes with your blog information.
11.Click Save.
12.Select Source.Then you get a page like

13.Select your post Link type.Then click Save.

14.Push the Arrow to right i.e, ON.
15.Ok.The Final Window look like
Go to Blogger/Site.Publish your post.After that Check Your Facebook page, you can see that the published Post Links.Share your Facebook page with Friends. It may Help to popular your post. 


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Friday, 7 June 2013

Ethernet Features

 What is Ethernet?
 * Simply Ethernet is a local area networking Technology.
 * It is a example of multiple acess network.
 * It is one of working example of the CSMA/CD(carrier sense,multiple acess with collision detect)   
    local area network.
 * "Multiple acess" means that through a shared link set of nodes receive and send frames.
 * "Carrier sense" means that all nodes can distinguish b/w an idle &busy links.
 * 802.3 is the IEEE standard for Ethernet.

  Physical property of Ethernet:

  * It is working on a coaxial cable of up to 500 m range.

 * Frame format
frame format
 *  64 bit  preamble allows the receiver to synchronize with signal. 
 * A transceiver directly attached here to detects when the line is idle.It also receive incoming signals.
 * A repeaters are used to connect the multiple ethernet segments.
 * 10Base2 reprent a Ethernet Format. Means
     * 10 in 10Base2 which means that network operates at 10 Mbps.
     *  Base refers to baseband system.
     * 2 means that segment not longer than 200m.
     * Today new technology used 10baseT, where T means Twisted pair.
 * For a star configuration multiple segments connected buy hubs.
ethernet with hub
  Transmitter algoritham are used in Ethernet
   * Adapter has no frame to send &line is idle It transmit frame.
   * Adapter has frame to send &line is busy.wait for idle state then send. 
  * It is easy to add new host to Network.
  *It is inexpensive: cable is cheap.


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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Previous year Question papers(Calicut University)

From previous Question papers we can get the actual Idea about the upcoming Exam Questions.Daily we search Different Previous Question paper in the Internet.isn't?
Here we provide Some Previous calicut univsersity Computer science Engineering Question paper.I think it will help you for learning Better Question type Pattern for upcoming Exams.

(1) 3rd semester computer science Engineering Question papers 2010(All Subject)  
Download link: Download Link (pdf)

(2) 3rd semester computer science Engineering Question papers 2011(All Subject)
Download link: Download Link  (pdf)

(34th semester computer science Engineering Question papers 2011(All Subject)
Download link: Download Link (pdf)

(4) 5th semester computer science Engineering Question papers 2011(All Subject)
Download Link: Download Link (pdf)

(5) 6th semester computer science Engineering Question papers 2012(All Subject)
Download Link: Download Link (pdf)

  Please don’t forget to share your experience through comments......

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Monday, 20 May 2013

Engineering(Computer/IT) Ebooks

In this section we will post diffrent Engineering(computer/IT)Ebooks.Due to problems we are only Give the Direct Download links only.
If you can want any Ebooks links,Just comment it.We will try maximum to upload your request.please
Sure that you can only request Computer/IT books.
Follow this format when you requesting ebooks:              
Subject(like datastrure,Data communication etc) :
Name of book(also give author with name of book):

(1)The intel Microprocessor 8086 to pentium:Architecture,programming and Interface by
     Brey B.B
 Download link:
Embedded System:
(1)Embeded system design:A unified hardware/software introduction by Frank vahid and tony.
Download link: (all Lecture Slides,References)

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