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Friday, 7 June 2013

Ethernet Features

 What is Ethernet?
 * Simply Ethernet is a local area networking Technology.
 * It is a example of multiple acess network.
 * It is one of working example of the CSMA/CD(carrier sense,multiple acess with collision detect)   
    local area network.
 * "Multiple acess" means that through a shared link set of nodes receive and send frames.
 * "Carrier sense" means that all nodes can distinguish b/w an idle &busy links.
 * 802.3 is the IEEE standard for Ethernet.

  Physical property of Ethernet:

  * It is working on a coaxial cable of up to 500 m range.

 * Frame format
frame format
 *  64 bit  preamble allows the receiver to synchronize with signal. 
 * A transceiver directly attached here to detects when the line is idle.It also receive incoming signals.
 * A repeaters are used to connect the multiple ethernet segments.
 * 10Base2 reprent a Ethernet Format. Means
     * 10 in 10Base2 which means that network operates at 10 Mbps.
     *  Base refers to baseband system.
     * 2 means that segment not longer than 200m.
     * Today new technology used 10baseT, where T means Twisted pair.
 * For a star configuration multiple segments connected buy hubs.
ethernet with hub
  Transmitter algoritham are used in Ethernet
   * Adapter has no frame to send &line is idle It transmit frame.
   * Adapter has frame to send &line is busy.wait for idle state then send. 
  * It is easy to add new host to Network.
  *It is inexpensive: cable is cheap.


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